We are about to melt away!

The versatility of Climate...

What are climate variability and changes!

In our daily life, we listen read a lot about climate changes and their drastic effect but we are not aware of what is it actually and what its drastic form would cause us and our generations in near future. First, any minute change in a localized particular environment can disturb the whole ecosystem of that particular area and would result in small changes to the climate that would lead to huge effect as a whole, but there is the worse part that everyone should stick in their mind that all these climate changes began with us!

Climate change is a long-lasting and significant change in the pattern of weather that has remained constant for decades but some external agent usually triggered by human activities disturbs it, which results in drastic effect and loss of every kind of life. Industrialization began centuries ago and with that climate changes triggered, most probably with the world shifting from primitive to modern civilization. The usage of all kinds of natural resources including excessive use of fossil fuels in industries polluted the natural resources and the burning of these fuels disturbed the natural composition of the climate. The temperature of the earth is increasing drastically with an average of 1°C per year since the 1960s when scientists first observed the emission of greenhouse gases and till in the 1990s, it was confirmed that these greenhouse gases i.e. CO2 and other gases that are emitted by the burning of fossil fuels and other household appliances running indirectly by these fuels are the sole purposes of climate changes.

The United Nations Climate Changes conference was first held in 1995 under the name of UNFCCC United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Changes, the main purpose of which was to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and to find alternate ways to overcome this drastic issue. Since then many major steps have been taken to shift the fossil fuel dependency to a source that would be cheap as well as ecofriendly. The UN 2019 climate change summit was themed as a Climate action summit the main goal of which was once again to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and to prevent a further rise in world temperature by an estimated ratio of 1.70 °C. if this happened then in the next 10 to 20 years the whole world would meltdown of its living life due to destruction followed by these drastic changes.

Climate changes began with us as we are part of the climate too. All the development modernization that we have achieved is based on the decaying climate of our earth that needs to be restored and rebuilt by the collective effort of humans as one world nation. We can only survive if our climate survives otherwise we would be lost in the lost pages of history that no one would be able to carve or remember!

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